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The first health industry leaders summit and the 74th API exhibition opened in Shanghai national convention and exhibition cente

Industry dynamic
2018/12/24 16:35
The first health industry leaders summit and the 74th China international pharmaceutical API, intermediates, packaging and equipment fair opened in May at the national convention and exhibition center (Shanghai). "Different fusion, health industry" as the theme of the first health industry leader summit (TheHealthIndustrySummit, tHIS will be on May 15 to 18, 2015, in Shanghai hongqiao new national conference and exhibition center (Shanghai). The summit will for the first time integrate three exhibitions from the pharmaceutical industry chain, such as CMEF, PharmChina and APIChina. The breakthrough and innovation of tHIS leaders' summit will promote the integration of China's health industry and improve its development level.
Three exhibition brands work together to create unprecedented scale
Nice aspects according to its introduction, the first integration of the more than 100 games theme tHIS summit meeting and 26 square meters international exhibition, will display the selection from the global 6000 exhibitors of tens of thousands of kinds of high quality and cost-effective medical devices, pharmaceutical products and active pharmaceutical ingredients and other related products and services, for the 140 professional visitors from 140 countries in trade cooperation, academic research, business development, experience sharing, etc, to build a new platform.
The 74th China international pharmaceutical raw materials, intermediates, packaging and equipment fair is blowing a strong international wind
The 74th China international pharmaceutical bulk pharmaceutical, intermediates, packaging and equipment fair attracted many overseas buyers to participate in the 3rd China national pharmaceutical industry fair in Shanghai. As of early April, the number of registered overseas buyers has exceeded 2,000. A total of 13 pharmaceutical buyers from India, South Korea, Pakistan, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, France, Germany, Finland, Hungary, Ukraine, kazakhstan, Brazil and other countries organized a group to attend the exhibition. At the same time, the number of buyers from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao also hit a record high. According to the relevant personage of the organizing committee of this exhibition, the conference has set up a quiet and comfortable negotiation area for overseas buyers with an environment of more than 600 square meters, equipped with dozens of professional translators and industry experts, providing strong support for local Chinese enterprises to communicate and negotiate with overseas customers. At the same time, the exhibition also attracted the attention and participation of many multinational pharmaceutical companies. Purchasing, quality and technical personnel of Pfizer, bayer, novartis, astrazeneca, Merck, semerfei, boehringer ingelheim, Merck and other famous multinational pharmaceutical companies will appear in this exhibition. It can be said that "international model" will be the 74th China international pharmaceutical API, intermediates, packaging, equipment fair and the past than the biggest change.
API enterprise China's pharmaceutical industry, with more than 60 years of development, has experienced production bulk based API, is the original enterprise and develop the production of high-end features for active pharmaceutical ingredients (apis) API of the three stages of change, APIChina witnessed the historical evolution process of the active pharmaceutical ingredients industry, embodies the Chinese API in this stage people's dreams and hopes. At the same time, with the development of China's pharmaceutical industry, APIChina has been honed and grown day after day and year after year. In order to meet the industrial upgrading needs of Chinese pharmaceutical and health care products enterprises, APIChina has been able to break out of its cocoon.
CRO/CMO zone together outstanding enterprises at home and abroad, focusing on pharmaceutical research and development, outsourcing services in the field of advanced products and technologies, to provide technical support to the development of China's pharmaceutical industry, the site will also interact with the national drug fair research and development area, together with the form of "will" show "linkage" CRO&CMO BBS meeting, for the enterprise to build all-round communication and display platform, witness the pharmaceutical industry industrial upgrading.
APIChina pharmaceutical excipients zone as the asia-pacific region, the largest and most professional pharmaceutical excipients zone as a banner, has brought together more than one hundred and forty pharmaceutical excipients production enterprises at home and abroad, a comprehensive display of Chinese textiles industry the most competitive products and technologies, focus on new pharmaceutical excipients and generic quality consistency evaluation work, to promote China's industrial transformation and upgrading, lay a solid foundation for the internationalization of China's preparations.
Natural extract zone as China's most professional natural extract zone, focusing on for the preparations, health care products, food and cosmetics enterprises provide the raw material, on the one hand, as the field of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is most likely to achieve internationalization industry, countries in recent years, continuously strengthen the supervision of the industry, it will be reversed transmission product quality aspects of the nature of ascension; In addition, the registration and evaluation of health food may be changed to the filing system, which brings about the blowout of the natural extract market. It can be said that the natural extract zone has become the flagship brand of casting high-end pharmaceutical industry, and a catalyst to comprehensively promote industrial upgrading. To HuaYao group, medicine group, Harbin pharmaceutical group, shandong xinhua, national medicine group, qilu pharmaceutical, global pharmaceutical, Jin Yao group, with lend pharmaceutical, er kang pharmaceutical, koren pharmaceutical, huahai pharmaceutical industry well-known at home and abroad, the sea is pharmaceutical apis and intermediates, textiles, chemical products, natural extracts enterprise decades support, accomplished APIChina industry leading position. The research and development, production and sales of API in China also show their charm in the harmonious ecosystem created by the exhibition. The theme of innovation and evolution has become the catalyst for the development of the industry. This new model and new interaction mechanism will surely contribute to the win-win final pattern of "expo-enterprise".
PHARMPACK exhibition -- the first Asian pharmaceutical packaging exhibition, assisted the upgrading of pharmaceutical packaging industry
PHARMPACK, as the first exhibition of Asian pharmaceutical packaging, was an all-round display of the latest pharmaceutical packaging products and technologies at home and abroad. The PHARMPACK exhibition attracted nearly 300 domestic and foreign excellent pharmaceutical packaging enterprises to participate, and the exhibition scale increased by 30% year-on-year, reaching a new historical high. The prosperity of the exhibition reflects the development of the industry. The aging population has brought about the continuous growth of drug use. Chinese pharmaceutical companies have put forward new standards and requirements for drug packaging material standards, especially for the innovation, safety and environmental protection of packaging materials, which present the best opportunity for the transformation and upgrading of China's pharmaceutical packaging industry.
The content covers the plastic packaging, PharmPack capsule, packaging printing, medical rubber plug, bottle caps, aluminum foil blister, injection material seven zones, there will be a los, huangshan capsule, yi qing capsule, capsule, capsule, Renault Harriet, shandong medicine bo, nine star packaging printing, the sea, huili, sichuan, hubei huaqiang, fu guarantee, Shanghai wide gain universal, hangzhou, xian zhong da, cangzhou four-star, hunan elysian fields, the arts, hebei rubber top pharmaceutical packaging material enterprises at home and abroad, with the latest products. PharmPack will set up a more professional, comprehensive and convenient one-stop packaging procurement platform for pharmaceutical and health care products, provide the best quality packaging materials and packaging solutions, show the first-class domestic and overseas latest products and technologies, and escort the quality and safety of drugs. According to PharmPack sponsor's statistics from PharmPack China pharmaceutical exhibition, the number of pre-registration visitors concerned about pharmaceutical packaging products has exceeded 5000 at present, and many leaders in charge of pharmaceutical packaging, r&d, technology, quality and procurement personnel from top 100 domestic pharmaceutical enterprises will attend the exhibition.
PHARMPACK's product areas were more wonderful:
The special area for injection packaging materials gathers the leading glass containers, rubber plugs, aluminum caps, combination caps, infusion membranes/bags for injection at home and abroad.
Suppliers of high quality packaging materials such as pre-filling and sealing syringes provide one-stop packaging solutions for sterile injection manufacturers.
Capsule zone gathers high-quality hollow capsule and gelatin suppliers, escorts the drug safety, leads the new trend of the industry, and drives the sustainable and healthy development of the capsule industry.
The exhibits in the plastic zone cover products such as pharmaceutical plastic bottles, PVC hard sheets, plastic supports, spray pumps/valves, infusion packaging materials, etc., with a panoramic view of hundreds of pharmaceutical plastic packages.
The exhibition contents of aluminum foil and aluminum plastic zone include moisture-proof packaging with high barrier such as medical aluminum foil, aluminum plastic and cold stamping aluminum, providing sealing protection for tablets, capsules, granules and other products. The packaging material and equipment are displayed synchronously to truly restore the actual production situation of the pharmaceutical factory, close to the terminal demand.
The special area for packaging and printing focuses on the display of carton packaging, sticker, printing consumables and electronic supervision, so as to ensure the traceability of drug quality. At the same time, intelligent packaging improves the added value and brand image of pharmaceutical enterprises.
The first health industry leaders' summit and the 74th China international pharmaceutical raw materials, intermediates, packaging and equipment fair were held in May.