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The 79th China international pharmaceutical API, intermediates, packaging and equipment fair 2017

Industry dynamic
2018/12/24 16:32
It is reported that the 79th China international pharmaceutical raw materials, intermediates, packaging and equipment fair will be held in xiamen international exhibition center from November 15 to 17, 2017.
As the oldest exhibition in China's pharmaceutical field, API was founded in 1968 and has been held for nearly 50 years. In the past decades of development, the exhibition of API association not only covers more than 50,000 kinds of API in 24 categories, but also includes all the auxiliary materials, functional ingredients, internal and external packaging materials, production and testing equipment needed for the production of medicine and health care products. Now the API association has become a "one-stop" efficient platform for tens of thousands of pharmaceutical and health care product manufacturers at home and abroad. It can not only let colleagues at home and abroad know about the development trend of domestic pharmaceutical and health care product industry, but also let everyone get to know more friends in the industry, so as to develop new opportunities.
Due to such charm, many enterprises come to the exhibition every year. This year, there will be more than 700 leading manufacturers of API, more than 300 auxiliary materials and ingredients enterprises, more than 300 high-quality pharmaceutical packaging enterprises, more than 200 well-known pharmaceutical equipment enterprises, and more than 30,000 professional audiences at home and abroad.
This exhibition is divided into three exhibition areas: API exhibition area, pharmaceutical equipment exhibition area, and pharmaceutical packaging exhibition area, each of which has different views. API area
CRO/CMO zone: gather leading enterprises in the domestic industry and display advanced products and technologies in pharmaceutical r&d and outsourcing services. In addition, the site will set up an all-around exchange and exhibition platform for enterprises in the form of novel conferences and activities.
Natural extract area: the international industry trend of extract is on the rise. Plant extract, traditional Chinese medicine extract and animal extract occupy the classified market with different industry demands. The natural extract zone has become a special zone for featured brands in the high-end pharmaceutical industry.
Import and export zone: the scale of import and export business of API in China is increasing year by year. In order to meet the increasing import and export share of domestic pharmaceutical industry and the demand of import and export enterprises, the zone is established to provide a platform for insight into the international market of pharmaceuticals.
Functional food and beverage additive zone: with the rapid development of the food industry in recent years, about 20 categories of additives and intensifiers have been organized to form a special zone to create a more professional food additive exhibition zone.
Veterinary medicine raw material & feed additive zone: focus on displaying the whole industrial chain products and technology corpse related to veterinary medicine raw material and feed additive to provide one-stop procurement and cooperation platform for veterinary medicine and animal husbandry industry.
Intermediate & fine chemical industry zone: create intermediate and fine chemical industry zone to provide more refined and professional face-to-face communication opportunities for fine chemical industry and facilitate the implementation of point-to-point business opportunities.
Pharmaceutical equipment exhibition area
Environmental protection & clean equipment zone: China is one of the producers and exporters of chemical API in the world. With the rapid development of chemical API, overcapacity, declining profits, large energy consumption, heavy environmental pollution and other problems, China's API industry must undergo structural adjustment to achieve transformation and upgrading. The new GMP certification has eliminated some production capacity through improving quality standards. It is an indisputable fact that environmental protection has become another important driver of industrial upgrading. The exhibition will actively cooperate with the new GMP renovation project of the enterprise, meet the growing demand for environmental protection equipment and clean equipment procurement, and provide exhibition opportunities for industrial enterprises.
Drug electronic supervision zone: provides a face-to-face communication platform for pharmaceutical enterprises, printing enterprises and system integrators, and strives to find specific implementation approaches and methods of convenient electronic supervision for drug manufacturers.
Packaging equipment area: PHARMPACK and SINOPHEX elite enterprises are gathered together for packaging materials and equipment, so that you can find the way to assemble medicine in a short time.
Special area for preparation and equipment: SINOPHEX sets up preparation and equipment exhibition area to provide related preparation and equipment for the procurement of preparation and equipment by domestic and foreign preparation manufacturers and medical institutions by virtue of the opportunity of holding the same place as China international medical device expo and national drug fair at the same time.
Pharmaceutical packaging exhibition area
Special area for injection packaging materials: gather the leading domestic and foreign suppliers of high-quality packaging materials for injection, such as glass containers, rubber plugs, aluminum caps, combination caps, infusion membranes/bags, pre-filling and sealing syringes, and provide one-stop packaging solutions for sterile injection production enterprises.
Capsule zone: gather high-quality hollow capsule and gelatin suppliers to escort drug safety, lead the new trend of the industry, and drive the sustainable and healthy development of the capsule industry.
Plastic zone: exhibits include pharmaceutical plastic bottles, PVC hard sheets, plastic holders, spray pumps/valves, infusion packaging materials and other products, with a panoramic view of hundreds of pharmaceutical plastic packaging.
Special area for aluminum foil and aluminum plastic: the exhibition content includes moisture-proof packaging with high barrier such as medical aluminum foil, aluminum plastic and cold stamping aluminum, providing sealing protection for tablet and capsule products.
Packaging and printing area: display carton packaging, adhesive label, printing consumables, assist electronic supervision, ensure drug quality traceability while enhancing product added value and brand image for pharmaceutical enterprises.
Special area for bottle cap and bottle stopper: provide safe and high-quality medical rubber stopper, rubber fittings and sealing cover for pharmaceutical enterprises.
Pharmaceutical glass zone: display the leading technology and production technology of the industry, and the exhibition platform of domestic and foreign pharmaceutical glass bottle and glass tube manufacturers.
Every year's API meeting is an opportunity to understand the trend of the pharmaceutical industry, but also to explore new business opportunities for enterprises, engaged in the relevant industry friends, must not miss this pharmaceutical event oh. Style = "word - wrap: break - word;" > it is reported that the 79th China international pharmaceutical API, intermediates, packaging and equipment fair will be held from November 15 to 17, 2017.